You will be surprised to know that the fastest group of online daters are people who are above the age of 60. The fact is that that all daters have fears. Moreover, it is a risk when you put yourself in front of the world but slowly and gradually when you open up and let people into your world the results can be very rewarding. Although online dating has made things easier for you to connect with people but it can also make you unsure about the next step which you will take. Here we will discuss the 5 fears senior singles have in their mind when it comes to online dating.

1. Fear of the Unknown

If you are a senior person and new to online dating then the scariest thing can know the new world. You might wonder that when should you message someone or how many messages are normal for you to send. When should I ask my date about something and so on? In case if you do not know the way to get started then you should do some research. The best thing to do if you want to avoid the feeling of getting unsure about something is to learn about that thing. You should talk to your friends and speak to people and get their thoughts.

2. The Blank Page Fear

You might have signed- up for a dating site and you must have added your picture but you come to know that you come across an empty box which needs your description. As a matter of fact writing seems to be a hard when you start with a blank page.

3. Fear of Rejection

All daters have fear of rejection and senior online dating is no exception. At times you may not get the expected response and you might feel that nobody is there for you. It can also be possible that you have found someone and at the same time you are afraid of telling the wrong thing. The truth is that all this is natural and like all other types of dating you will only know about it when you try it. You should also realize the fact that other people are also taking a chance and putting themselves in front of the world. The fcat is that in online dating you are well aware that you are experiencing the same thing as the people you want to date with.

Rejection is a part of dating and due to which you will be rejected and you can also reject other people. You can fear rejection but you should know that it is part of the game. There might be some people who will probably like or don’t like things about you.

4. Disclosing Personal information

You may not feel comfortable while disclosing your personal information for online dating. Particulars like age, preferences, hobbies and interests are some of the things that you may not be comfortable to share with someone new. However, with time you will come to know that it is something very normal and other people are doing the same.

5. Fear of Children

Another fear that you might face while online dating is fear of children. At times you may not find it suitable to discuss about online dating in front of your children. However you need to realize that change is the demand of time and you need to change according to the circumstances. You should ideally explain the situation to your children so that there is no problem in the present as well as future.


Thus we see that senior online dating is a happening thing but you need to follow certain dating tips in order to make it suitable for you. While dating online you must trust yourself and use your own judgement. You should take control of your fears and take your decisions with a cool mind.


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